Tuesday, November 20, 2012


HELLO (: So, I'm suddenly interested in blogging again and I have loads to blog about anyway. Choir camp just ended yesterday and I thought I should blog about it. (: The comm members met in the canteen at 7.30am and started clearing and cleaning 3/1, 3/7 and 3/8 for the choir to use and also set up the relay games. Then we realized that the groupings won't work out because MANY IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE last minute informed us that they have stomach ache, headache, and all that STUPID excuses because those. don't last the whole day -.- and guess what. they are all SEC 2S (2012) AND S2s -.- Disappointed in them seriously. Anyways, we planned ON THE SPOT and the relay game was still a success. Then they played husband and wife until we realized they were bored of it and released them for lunch (: Jamie and I then went to macs to buy macs for the whole comm and i got Claire's and Siobhan's order wrong. ;~~; I'm so so so so so sorry guys ))): After we were done eating, me, Jing Wen and Pei Shuen started setting up our stations which was the coke and sprite and charades station. (: Then we realized that the charades game was messed up SO. we planned it ON THE SPOT too haha xD But it worked out so yay! -peace sign- After the afternoon games, it was their bathing and dinner time. Guess what's for dinner? P I Z Z A ! ((:

During dinner Miss Chan started calling 7 girls out. Seriously her acting was DAEBAK. She really acted so so so serious AND AND managed to fool the choir girls. kekeke the rest of the choir girls then went up for the 'movie' with Jamie and Cassandre. ;) While me and the rest of the comm went to the sec 3 level and got ready. (: OMG I was like so freaking nervous while waiting for the choir to come!! My stupid tag keeps coming out cos of my stupid hair. I wanted to chop it off haha. So when the choir finally came up~ I briefed my group (Gwen's group) then let them go in 3/6 to look for the fake cellphones~ They bought one light haha and they kept asking if they could trust me. Uh, obviously! haha but even though they trusted me, they still chose the wrong one on the third try. awwww but good try. haha then the choir started looking for the kidnapper. omg. they asked me if i like justin bieber, one direction, yonghwa, Gangnam style, kpop etc etc. Half of the people they asked I don't even know who they are lololol and since I didn't know which clue did Eunice and Claire and Cassandre gave them...... I answered truthfully. In the end, Corliss managed to tear claire's tag and yeap yeap! that group won. ^^ The choir then went up to the theatrette to watch the movie for real now. T A N G L E D! *^* While the choir was watching, Me, Eunice and a few others went to bathe then went back to watch the movie while eating Sandwiches that Emmelyn gave us and me and Eunice drank the whole green tea~ *^* It was then sleeping time and I watched SHINee show hahaha then joined Eunice, Jamie, Siobhan and Pei Shuen outside at 1am to wait for the choir to fall asleep. Finally at 2.30am, we went back to 3/1 and after chatting to Eunice for awhile, went to sleep. 

The whole comm woke up at 6.30 the next morning to make bread for the choir. And finally could drink my miloooooo :'D Then the choir played the 'running man' based game. Me, Jamie, Siobhan and Emmelyn tied the bells on our slipper to scare the choir hahaha :P then the choir played water bomb :) They took like I think 50 minutes to fill their plastic bags .__. Me, Eunice, Cassandre and Siobhan cleaned the classrooms while they were playing and 3/6 is so so so so dirty. really. Anyways, then they washed up and it was Prize presentation!! The prize presentation was dead and everything though. Oh wells. Then we can all FINALLY go home. Took the bus with Emmelyn and Eunice then slept from 3+ all the way till 1am hahaha felt so dirty and everything otl. Bathed first thing in the morning (((: Although the camp was fun, it was tiring.

I just wanted to say to those who didn't come cos of stupid excuses, the whole comm is disappointed in you guys and because of how irresponsible you guys are, the camp was a little screwed up because of the groupings. And, one of you told us you're coming but in the end... WHERE WERE YOU? You didn't even CALL to say you were not coming -.- So yeap. thanks~ At least the sec 1s turned up and we're proud of them. 

And I have to say that Gwen, Tricia and Xin Sheng are damn cute hahaha their friendship is so <3 

Ok, that's all and I am looking forward to 23rd of November. ;) ;) ;) 

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