Wednesday, November 28, 2012


HELLO. :'D So, havent been blogging for the last few days cos I just couldnt find the opportunity to use the computer. So on 23rd of November, was the most AMAZING day of my life ;~~; Yeap, it was the day of the SMTOWN concert!! I met Gwyneth at Marymount mrt at 11.10 then went to meet Tiffany and Sarah at another MRT station that I forgot. Lol. Then we went to the Floating Platform where they were already rehearsing *^* We just watched a little for awhile then went to eat. Me and Tiffany just drank Milo though. Lol, Tiffany ordered Ice Chocolate but got Ice Milo hahahaha after that, we headed back to the floating platform to collect banners and stuff, sometimes heading to the esplanade to rest. We even went into Haagen Dazs to drink 2 glasses of pepsi. xD Then, around 4, The four of us went to eat something while waiting for Amanda, Kelley, Samantha and Jia Jun to come. We ate at this quite expensive restaurant, which name I forgot. Shared a plate of lasagna with Gwyneth while Tiffany ate sotong and Sarah drank Ice tea~Apparently opposite the restaurant was where some idols was having a press conference :P So while eating, we were keeping an eye on their vans. But they left while we were busy looking at our phones. hahaha fail. After that, we met Amanda, Samantha and Jia Jun while Tiffany, Sarah and Gwyneth went back to the floating platform first. We went to look for Kelley then queued to go in. Seriously, the entrance was P A C K E D. The bag check was v fail too cos they didnt even look into our bags -.- Anyways, we went to our seats which wasnt TOO bad and sat on our ponchos cos the seats were wet from the rain just now hahah :P 

The concert started at around 7 and seriously, by the 4th song, I was already losing my voice. Hahaha went extra crazy every time SHINee came out. Don't know if i'm being bias or not but SHINee's performances were the B E S T. Because they didnt just sing the songs, they had like breaks with dances and everything so it was daebak ((: and Key for 'Like A G6' was the best of the best. he was so H O T. Super Junior was awesome as always. Eunhyuk was sooooooo so so cute! He asked if we were okay with him being the temporary leader hahaha then he said we have no choice. Omfg why so cute Lee Hyukjae? Donghae was too quite for my liking. But cute anyways. My love for TVXQ and BoA increased even though I almost fell asleep during TVXQ's performance cos they had 4 songs in a row and Idk their songs well .__. Sorry Yunho oppa and Changmin oppa :/ You guys did amazing though!! First time seeing SNSD and F(x)! Screamed extra loud for Yuri kekeke. Loved the Jung Sister's performance (: Taeyeon's vocal was awesome. In all, every single one of them was amazing cos it would take too long to mention all of them otl. Zhou Mi kissed Victoria's hand during their song though. like O M G. Cute pairing ;) ;) And then again, there was JongTae!! One time, they had their face super close awwwwww <3 And Jonghyun had his shirt off omg. haha would have prefered JongKey though. Would have been hotter. haha ;D Kyuhyun's and Changmin's 'Just the way you are' performance was to a lucky fan girl ;A; I wanted to see taemin cross dress otl. WHY. Oh wells. Congrats to that lucky fan girl~ 

It rained during the last few songs. F(x) was the first band to get wet with Electric song and SHINee was second with Sherlock. Super Junior and SNSD with Sexy, Free and Single and The Boys was under the shelter so they didn't get wet~ Good, so they wont get sick and I hope SHINee and F(x) didn't too. The miraculous thing was it rained heavily all the way until the last song when ALL of them came out to sing HOPE, the rain stopped. The power of SM. Kekeke <3 Oh, forgot to mention the irritating guy sitting next to me. He used an UMBRELLA. and WOULD NOT SIT STILL. So his STUPID umbrella kept blocking my view. Being an irritated fangirl, kept using my lightstick and pushing his umbrella away hahaha (Y) If you're not a huge fan, I am okay. Stop ruining my night. -___- Bring a poncho next time ugh. Luckily the person infront of me didnt use an umbrella. Oh and two smartass walked past me and Amanda and STOPPED right infront of us. then they stood there and talked to some people like there's no one behind them like that. WHILE PEOPLE WERE PERFORMING. omg. you dont want to watch the concert, there are people who wants okay misters. otl. Yeap, those were the spoilers of the concert. -LE SIGHS- But overall, the concert was amazing. the NIGHT was great. (: SHINee talked about SWC II during the concert and i knew that i have to go for SWC II. I'm sorry mum and dad, I just really HAVE TO. So yeap, convinced my parents and now i have a ticket for SWC II!!! I'll be going alone though ;~~; Otl, loner much. but idc. Anything for SHINee. <3 Sacrificing SS5 though. Sorry SJ. 

After concert, went to Amanda's house and slept at about 3+am, 4am. Hahaha then woke up at about 11. Then went to Sentosa and chill~ Didn't do much, just watched the tv and liked this Taiwan actor. hahaha otl totally unexpected. Felt SERIOUS withdrawal symptoms. ;~~; mainly cos of SHINee. soooooo yeapz. then sunday, slept in then checked out at 1pm. Then went to J8 to eat lunch then met Eunice~ Went to the library with her cos she wanted to borrow her chinese books. Then passed the workshop form to her and Claire and went home. 

The next day, went to school for a songwriting workshop. Was in the same group as Eunice, Claire, Ze hui and Keanna (I think that's how you spell her name). Wrote a song called 'Till that day' then performed it. Seriously, one of the trainer was SO ANNOYING. He kept shooting down every idea we had and kept changing it himself. Might as well call it his song and not ours right -.- wts. Purposely showed I was pissed off. Hahaha Eunice said it was obvious. Oh wells. After he left, we changed it back to our way :PP Geniuses. Have to go back on Friday. -le sighs- But we're going to a recording studio! *^* and record!! Omg. its so freaking cool. So yeap. in a way, im looking forward to it. ^^ Let's record it well guys~ Our song may not be as good as the other groups, but we know we did it all by ourselves. So yay! Proud of us. 

Okay, thats all. I know its a loooooong blogpost but yeapz. That was the last few days. Kay, bye! <3 

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