Tuesday, December 25, 2012


HELLO. :D Okay so, this year must be the most boring Christmas because we didn't have any party which sucks cos.... I love Christmas the most and we're not celebrating it -__- I spent the whole morning and afternoon reading haha. But, we went to watch Wreck-It Ralph which is SUCH A NICE MOVIE OMG. What I enjoyed this holiday was that.... I did A LOT of shopping and got myself so many clothes! >:D I can't wait to wear them really. haha and I did a lot of self reflection... which was really bad cos I realized what kind of anti-social person I am. And that I really do not like mixing around with people. seriously. and that I get angry really easily, especially with my family. ): I tried to be nice to my brother but that didn't even last a day hahaha too bad for him. Anyway, I'll just try to be friendlier next year  A N D study harder. O'levels and SYF. And I need to be more organized. /nods/ But I also realized that I kept thinking about my friends this holiday. All the shit things I did ):< And how they were always there for me whenever I get so stressed, including all the breakdowns I had this year, crying nonstop in school one time even. So I just.......... wanted to say thanks to all my friends. ^^

Tiffany and Jolene: You have no idea how thankful I am to you guys for listening to my never ending negativity about me retaining hahaha but you guys kept saying encouraging words to me and helping with my school work. I also enjoy watching you guys quarreling(friendly way) cos it's so ridiculous most of the time it's so amusing. HAHAHAHA and Tiffany, thanks for everything you've done for me ESPECIALLY FOR THE CONCERTS. Like SMTOWN, when you waited until so late before you went in. (: I thank Gwyneth and Sarah for that too. (: And when you and Sarah queued an hour earlier for SWC2. You guys rockkkkkk. Merry Christmas to you~ Saranghaeyo~ 

Kerilyn: My table and study partner~ At first I... did not like that I was sitting next to you, not because I don't like you, but because it was very far from Tiffany they all but I'm so glad that I sat next to you because if not, I would have totally retained. Really. I enjoy all our study sessions after school, all the times when we laughed till we can't breathe and definitely all the times where I laughed for no reason and you think im crazy hahaha there will definitely be more of that next year. hahahah omg. And of course, all the buying macs if we sleep in class or never do hw really DO NOT work for me. >< But next year, I promise I will try harder not to sleep. HAHA. Thank you also for listening to my "If I don't retain" and all that almost everyday haha and all the encouragements. (: Seriously, I never thought I would be close to you at all, since im so awkward and stuff haha. Thanks for the Christmas present! I love it. and you know why haha Merry Christmas and I look forward to studying with you next year!! 

MY LITTLE SISTERS FROM CHOIR(Siobhan, Cassandre, Eunice, Jamie, Emmelyn): This whole year have obviously been so stressed for us, being in the choir comm and all but we managed to survive for one year!! Just hang in there for half a year more. Let's work hard for SYF. Or SYC now .__. I enjoy working with you all really. Haha especially for choir camp, even though there were tense moments and stuff. I'm quite sure we all know it was a success. ^^ Thank you again for like.. everything. Especially S2s. ^^ And Eunice, you are the bestest friend I can ever ask for cos you are always so patient with me and we can laugh like idiots whenever we go out together hahaha will never forget how we met and how we became friends! <3 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sang Ah: Dongsaengggg, I know you wont see this until  you come back from Rome. I hope you're having fun there!! This was the first year we are in different class and I really miss you ): At least we're in the same Amath class but even then, obviously we can't talk much. I think you get pissed off with me and Tiffany talking too much sometimes too hahah sorry. Sorry if I haven't been much help with how stressed you are too, cos... im stressed too and I don't even know how to handle my own stress. But, you know your unnie will always be here for you~ Just come to look for me okay? AND. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT KOREA TRIP WITH YOUR MUM AND HER STUDENTS NEXT YEAR. IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN RIGHT? In the mean time, there's O's haha let's work hard! Fighting! You can do it~ Thanks for being such a good friend to me when I keep telling you how stressed I am about retaining orz. Gomawo~ you're the best. <3 Merry Christmas!!

Rachel: Unnieeeee although we don't go out, just the two of us, you're still my one and only unnie cos you are more blur then me hahaha. And I still have fun with you when we're together with dongsaeng~ I'm glad we became closer this year, and im sorry for all the hurtful jokes I made.... if you remember. but I do cos I feel really bad. ): if you don't.. don't ask me cos idw to say it lol. But you're the best unnie and I love you haha Merry Christmas!! 

Gyu Bear: Last but not least~ haha So.... this would be your so called cheesy letter? :P So I know you for more than a year now which is surprising. I thought we wouldn't be friends for so long. But then again, if I don't start talking to you, you wouldn't talk to me right? What if I don't talk to you for one week.. or something, will you talk to me first? haha i hope the answer is yes. Anyway, thank you for everything you said to me whenever i'm angry or sad or nervous or excited. You always cheer me up. I don't even know why. I can laugh till I can't breathe when I talk to you. The most recent thing I can remember is your father and your towel. HAHAHAH I can never ever feel angry with you and never get tired of talking to you. If I don't feel like talking to the world, you're an exception. I don't even know why. But remember that time about my mum saying she'll dump me at the girls home? I felt so much better after talking to you... You have no idea how much better I feel after talking to you. And you have no idea how worried I get when you don't reply me after a day. I seriously get all panicky and I will not stop thinking about you. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. ): Because I'll be very sad if something happens to you... And I also hope you can talk to me if you're angry or sad even if i totally suck at cheering people up.. The one and only reason why I'm glad I joined KBBE is because I met you. You're the only one who didn't upset me or anything if you know what I mean.. haha really. Everytime I think "Omg, why did I even join in the first place?" I will feel bad cos I would think about you and then feel lucky that I joined.. Cos if I never joined, I would never have met you and we would never have been friends. (: No wait, best friends/Noona&Dongsaeng. :P I like all the times I teased you by calling you "Oppa" hahaha but Gyu bear obviously fits you best. :P And I think one reason why we're so close is because we can be weird together HAHAHAHAHA And the moments I love love love is when we say "Goodnight, sweet dreams, love you" To each other... makes me feel closer to you. ^^ You know me better than most people here... and I really really cherish this friendship. There are many many more moments that I really want to say... but this is taking too long and my brother keeps asking me to stop using the computer.. so i'll leave the rest for another time. Merry Christmas, Gyu bear. Your noona love you always~ (: 

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